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GI Content

Both boys suffered from a variety of GI issues including reflux, milk protein intolerance, tube feeding and swallow issues. The following topics are covered here:

Reflux or GERD
Milk protein intolerance
Feeding tubes
Feeding program

Vision Content

The boys were both diagnosed with Ocular Albinism, a condition that impacts their visual acuity. Will’s vision is much more affected than Jack’s. Some of the topics covered include:
Ocular Albinism
How the eye works

About This Blog

The Will to See chronicles the balancing act that is my life -- raising two boys with vision and GI issues while building advocacy and a voice for these conditions.


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 Can't believe this is year 5 of the David J. Fanning Memorial Golf Tournament. Such a beautiful day. #FanningMemorial  Our Dempsey and Martins are ready. #SEAvSJ #GoSounders

About the Boys

Jack is a thriving 3rd grader who spent most of his first 2 1/2 years of life being tube fed as a result of GI complications. He loves riding his bike, being a cub scout, reading books and playing soccer and basketball.


Will is a busy five year old who keeps us on our toes despite his vision impairment, ocular albinism. His favorite activities are riding his bike, playing cars, playing with his brother and charming everyone he meets.